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Baking political theory into regulation isn't going to end well
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It's a bit topical...
...means backing them all the way
Keeping in touch, the FCA way
Some reflections on ValidPath's Network model
Some simple lessons for AC
Good and bad news about CMCs
A salutary lesson from Mother Nature
Pandemic and 10% reporting
Some positive thoughts at Easter
Time on your hands? Here's a useful focus.
There is a right way of responding to the current pandemic
Your COVID-19 focus
It's been a busy few weeks...
The FCA's February Sector Views paper makes for interesting reading
The PI market is not merely unsustainable, it is now in a state of meltdown
Following the ninth annual review of the VIP
Eyes firmly fixed on the horizon...
First blogpost of the New Year
Phew. We've completed our PII renewal
We're getting there...
It's December 6th, and it's time...
Observations on the PII marketplace
It pays to up your Defcom status...
It's what you do with it that matters
Having taken the plunge to move from advising at one of ValidPath’s AR firms..
There's plenty happening, but you might not be aware of it...
A recent encounter rams the principle home
Anticipating the Expo
Complex products - again
Thoughts on FS19/04
A pragmatic approach
It really is core to your proposition
Binning those tip-sheets was cathartic,,,
The FSCS Levy deserves celebrating somehow
Professional ethics come first, every time
The Adviser's Line of Duty is clear
Bringing a few themes together
A Bonus Blog on the FCA's Business Plan
Some comment on our improved due-diligence system
Lots of new guidance and a support service that's fit for purpose
An overreaction to financial clickbait
As I wait for the new version of Engage, I'm still enjoying the old one.
The full-fat redress culture is not subtle
Bear with me, there are parallels
Some general, contextual commentary
The lasting legacy
FCA, MiFID and Stuff
First blogpost of the New Year
Last blog of 2018
Just one example to inform our awareness of risk
Grubby practices linger on within the financial services market...
Our focus on suitability continues
Some more lessons from recent experience
And focusing instead on high standards
There's new practical guidance in the pipeline...
Market timing? Oh no...
Cultivating news-resilience
Did you read this announcement?
So, how are your client reviews going?
The latest newsletter is on its way...
Reflections on the new IDD
Don't try this at home!
There has to be a better way
ValidPath's commentary on MS17/1.2
Reflections on the FCA's 'Retirement Outcomes Review'
Another day on the FCA website
Complex investments, due diligence and all that
Highlighting the changes
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The GDPR turkeys are coming home to roost
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On the receiving end of the Regulator's Largesse
Advance notice of our next newsletter
Recent experiences prompt this one
On train delays and MiFID II
Thoughts in preparation for our CIP review
Reflections on the latest QR of the National Insurance Fund
J P Sears is bang on the money.
A quick exploration of some of the implications
Kevin has been watching the news, and he's not happy
Introduction to 'periodic assessments'
There is no happy outcome with the British Steel Pension Scheme
Giving potential customers the right motivation
Phew! The RMAR is laid to rest...
The FCA is flagging up an issue
A lesson from the florist
Another good justification for cashflow forecasting
It's been a good week
A quick mention about the conference
Real-world financial planning vs the regulatory world
An introduction to new technologies
Office closure on Friday 18th September
Reflections based upon some recent contentious cases
Observations prompted by the latest FCA reporting debacle
IFAs are subject to same principles as everyone else
IFA recycling
Reflections on the lesson from CP17/16
Follow-up to last week's blog
Election lessons for IFAs
There are lessons here
Flagging up the new guidance
Surely, these are two entirely disparate and unrelated topics?
Speed is of the essence
The first fifteen years
Like it or not, we are this thing
A quick reminder about CashCalc
For this, you have insurance
We've been using OM's systems, and it's not been a happy experience
On the PII market
An example of regulatory ambivalence which affects Advisers
Christmas message, 2016
Lifetime cashflows, variable growth rates and market events
Reflections on Article 50
The FCA publishes interim findings from its asset management market study
Are we building something to last, or just paying the bills?
Thoughts prompted by marketing surveys
More and more information? Or better-quality advice?
Feedback after our DeFaqto Engage training workshop
The differences between being awake, and being asleep
The lessons that Apple probably didn't seriously intend
Enough of the doomsday scenarios, please
News this week regarding Film Partnerships
The IFA's role in a Brexit world
Some clarity about Clarity's clarity
Lessons to be learned about your service proposition?
More thoughts on longevity and the advisory process
The RMAR is the new incarnation of the hamster-wheel, but less fun
A recent member visit prompts a few thoughts
How other people do it
Victoria Wood and the critical value of 'What If?' planning
The FCA's supervisory actions in relation to pension switches and transfers
Reflections on the FCA's Thematic Review
A reflection on recent experiences
We are surprised by the discovery that commission overrides still exist
The demise of Rebus
A rumination on the relationship between compliance and professionalism
We are grateful for the memory of Richard Mein
Advice when the numbers don't necessarily add up
Lessons learned from the humble teabag
The perfect antidotes to anxiety
A reflection on ethos and future development
Further reflections on the complaint culture
Reflections on the folly of market-timing
The benefits of lifetime cashflow planning
A piece inspired by the FCA's Gabriel system
Some of those old products did actually deliver
Kevin is trouble-shooting at the bank
Reflections on our recent experiences with approvals
Observations based upon the inevitable disappointments of the Real World
What is it that you, uniquely, do for your clients?
There's a website revamp on the way...
Reflections on a telephone conversation
A few thoughts on the crafting of client documentation
The world IFAs operate in is a challenging one. This is a quick reminder of a useful tool.
The myth of objectivity, and what we can do about it
A more positive view of regulation?
Thoughts about recruitment and the qualities of human beings
Learning some lessons from party manifestos
For when the beach is crowded
Reflecting on the recent PFS guidance
The eclipse of DB schemes and the flourishing of risk
Compliance and financial promotions
Inquisitive methodologies and the pensions reforms
Legacy products, and the insidious decay of our clients' financial capability
Some reflections on the pension reforms
Reflections on the dynamics of the PII marketplace
A positive framework for progress
The last Blog of 2014
Recent experiences don't exactly instil confidence...
On anticipating the implications of technical innovation
Reflections after ValidPath's CPD Event on BPR solutions
How and why we use information, and how we go about recording it are very important issues.
Rebalancing methodologies matter