A new world

After months of careful planning, and working around the clock, all of us at ValidPath are operating in a whole new world.  We've said goodbye to the old, and welcomed in the new - and by that, I don't mean that we've jumped the gun on our New Year celebrations.  The new IRESS XPlan based  practice-management system offers our Members a whole raft of capabilities that we may have not previously dreamed of, but it is, as a result, more complex - both to configure, and to use.  Such is the steepness of the learning curve, that I notice that we are already at Version 2 of our User Guide, and that in less than a week from the Go Live date.  Inevitably, with so much more on offer, we're putting in a great deal of effort to build the additional functionalities that our Members want: this kind of development doesn't just happen overnight.

We have put together a pile of new resources to help ValidPath Members, and I'm sure there will be plenty more to come.  Logged-in users can access that information here.  And, of course, we now have a whole new project to hand - namely the redrafting of existing website guidance, in order to replace content relating to the obsolete system, with material that is specific to the new one.  Wherever we have undertaken work on that front, logged-in Members will see this graphic at the top of the page, so that you can have confidence that the content has been updated, wherever it is possible at this stage:

IRESS Update2

We are grateful for the patience of our Members, which we certainly don't take for granted.  This is a big change, and for some folks might involve a bit of a leap of faith - but it has all been managed as carefully and as proactively as possible, and we have access to some of the best expertise available to help move us through the kinds of logistical challenges that might stymie lesser mortals.  Inevitably, the focus of the last few months (data extraction, validation, mapping, and import; commission configuration; basic training etc) is now switching to related but different areas.  We have updated the timeline to reflect our immediate focus:

IRESS TimeLine.001

Members can access more granular information relating to progress and process by visiting the IRESS section of our website.


Kevin Moss, 11/12/2019