Good partnerships 


I am writing this week's blogpost as we prepare to head off to London for what we have euphemistically termed ValidPath's Technology Expo.  A goodly number of Members as well as strong, long-term collaborative business partners are involved, and it promises to be both an interesting and constructive time together.

Throughout the planning process, it struck me again how the best professional relationships don't 'just' operate on a commercial basis, but are imbued throughout with goodwill, shared values and mutual interests.  That begins with our hosts, Dimensional Fund Advisers, and David Jones, Vice President and Head of Financial Adviser Services.  It has been a delight to work closely with David and DFA over the last decade, and develop a collaborative approach for improved Adviser support and client outcomes.  And that same satisfaction applies in relation to the involvement of Roger Perry from DeFaqto, Max Maxwell and his team at IRESS and the excellent input from the folks at Para-Sols.  All these individuals and organisations share the same intentionality regarding the trajectory of improved solutions, and a desire to work together in pursuance of those kinds of objectives.

At ValidPath, we don't take such things for granted.  The backdrop to our conference,  which is all about constructive collaboration, is a UK Parliament at loggerheads with itself.  If we could solve Brexit, we would, but for the moment we're confining our attentions to building the best possible infrastructure for genuinely independent financial advice that exists in the UK.

We continue to appreciate the support of all of our business partners, as we pursue our focus on excellent outcomes for both advisers and their clients.

Kevin Moss, 05/09/2019