Sheer financial poetry 

One of our longer-standing Members made the somewhat disconcerting statement recently, that my communications are "almost poetic".  This was a novel thought, and as I contemplated the implications of the latest eyewatering hike to the FSCS Levy, and the revelations that this has been significantly driven by the activities of Claims Management Companies (CMCs), suddenly the muse took me in a new direction...

An ode to free money...
O illustrious organ of redress,
  Thou most bountiful FSCS.
Thou inexhaustible fount of cash,
  Dispensed abroad with great panache.
We gladly praise the regulation heavy
  That drives relentless monetary levy.

Lest dolorous CMCs might all decry
  Their loss of welfare post PPI,
We rejoice to spend our substance thus,
  Encouraged by bureaucratic blunderbuss.
Though desiring clients' better breaks,
  Instead we pay for others' mistakes.

On the whole, I think that John Keats made a better stab at his Odes, but then Nightingales are perhaps more inspiring topics for the poetic soul.   And words such as 'regulation' or 'bureaucracy' are not a natural ingredient for rhyme.

Still, we work with the materials we have to hand, don't we?

ValidPath Members can access a reminder of our approach to fees & costs from this link.

Kevin Moss, 11/07/2019