Ah, the weekend... 

This Saturday, I am meeting up with an old University pal.  I did a quick back-of-envelope calculation, in order to work out when we last met up.  Turns out this was around thirty-two years ago.

Not such a good friend, perhaps - but, when we were in college, we got on very well, sharing the same interests as well as Miss Evans' student flat in Sketty, Swansea.  Miss Evans was a nearly spherical elderly spinster with an odd, falsetto voice, who wore a cape and a tweed hat.  In conversation with her, it was almost impossible to restrain my own voice from rising several octaves, in competition.  I did not, in the end, need a speech therapist, but it was touch and go.

Thirty-two years is a long time over which to assess a friendship, especially when contact is that minimal.  I know nearly nothing about his circumstances, other than the fact that I appear to have fared somewhat better from a follicular perspective.  After the passing of so much time, one almost does not know where to start the conversation, but no doubt we will manage just fine.

I am perhaps guilty of using the analogy simply for exaggerated effect, but some advisers are a bit like this when it comes to their client reviews.  It is not just the somewhat infrequent, ad-hoc nature of those reviews, but also the fact that there seems to be no coherent methodology underpinning them.  If one is not planning to hold such meetings, and if one has not set up processes and systems to support such arrangements, the chances are that they simply will not happen, at least not with any predictability and reliability.

Thankfully, as the years have passed, the instances of such advisory practices have decreased exponentially, and the norm seems to be for regular client reviews to be held on at least an annual basis.  Of course, such regulatory emphases as MiFID II would make infrequent client reviews a thing of the past.

These days, I find I am much more interested in what advisers are seeking to achieve through their review service, than simply about such logistics as frequency.

We have a page of guidance on the design of your annual review service, which has recently undergone a little routine tweaking.

Kevin Moss, 31/08/2018