The latest PracticeBuilder newsletter is almost ready to mail out to Members, and this time we are focusing on the issue of suitability, what it means in practice, how we build the concept into our advisory model, how valuing it highly benefits absolutely everyone in the supply chain to the customer.  We're also exploring how it maps through to ValidPath's supervisory role, and how your own processes can be tailored to apply the key principles consistently.

This edition of PracticeBuilder is a little longer than usual, despite its singular focus.  This is because we felt that a thorough consideration of the subject of suitability does have quite profound implications for Member Firms' business models, and their own sense of the value of what they deliver to customers.  It's a whole lot more than being able to put a tick in a box to certify a given recommendation as 'suitable'.  Seen properly, the subject is actually transformative.

Besides, we just wanted to write about something that actually makes a profound difference in the real world, rather than continue any kind of preoccupation with the random rearrangement of acronyms.


Kevin Moss, 23/08/2018