On website redesign 


We launched the original ValidPath website in 2005, and I think that this is now our fourth consideration of structure and layout.  Part of the problem with sites like ours is that, because of our relentless publishing regime, considerations of layout often tend to come very far down the order of priorities.  And, of course, the more material that gets published, the more of a challenge restructuring the thing then becomes.

So, it has not been completely unheard of to hear Members muttering about the impenetrability of our website, and this has been a deficiency that we have been keenly aware of for a little while now.  The issue has been what to do about it - it isn't all about the 'look' of the thing, it really is about structure and accessibility, given that the website does now effectively replace the old 'Compliance Handbook'.  So, we have spent quite a bit of time thinking about the way in which information is filed, or nested within the site - with the following changes:

  • a newer, fresher look - and hopefully one which is easier to navigate
  • fewer main categories of heading at the top of the screen
  • simplified landing page for visitors, just showing the four categories:  Introduction, Blog, For Clients & Events
  • for logged-in ValidPath Members, a clear, thematic (extended) structure, organising all materials into discrete categories - accessible from the graphic tiles on the homescreen
  • padlock icon on the left side of the screen for logging in (and out)
  • once you have clicked on one of the category icons, there's a more detailed menu on the right-hand of the screen, giving you access to any subcategories - and an article list displays in the centre of the screen
  • you can still 'search' for any topic via the magnifying-glass icon on the left of the screen
  • we've been quite ruthless in archiving material which it seems that Members are not using, but will be reviewing such articles to see if they ought to be resurrected in some different format
  • and here's a revolutionary development:  all the links actually work!
There's still a little more work to do - you may spot some anomalies with article formatting, but we're on the case!

All in all, whilst restructuring the site has been hard work, it's also been a lot of fun.  All the images used have been my own work, and some of the original photos were my own too, so it has been a bit of a labour of love.  I do hope that Members now find this a more user-friendly resource.


Kevin Moss, 08/06/2018