By the time you read this, our Conference on the 8th September may already be over.  It is the way of things.  Months of careful planning, putting together logistics, content, and speakers, and then its all done.  We don't hold conferences like this that often, having established over the years more of a pattern of smaller-scale workshops, focusing on specific, strategic issues.  But we find they're always a good opportunity - ValidPath Members know how to do Network.  Old friendships are revived, and new ones established.  Many of our people are already involved in worthwhile collaborations, delivering superior outcomes to their own clients by means of accessing specialist expertise and services.  There is a settled conviction that learning new skills and insights, as well as discussing our concerns and priorities together is an immensely beneficial exercise.

This particular conference is being held within the spellbinding environment of Downing College, Cambridge.  The grounds are beautiful, the accommodation very comfortable, and the catering excellent.  The conference administration team at the college care deeply about the quality of their service, and they're a pleasure to work with.

We're going to be focusing on the future.  That kind of consideration is partly dependent upon an accurate understanding of our past, and where we've come from as one of the very last, genuinely independent Networks in the UK.  As you might expect, as we celebrate our fifteenth successful year as the financial services Network for discerning independent advisers, there are plenty of lessons we can point to, to help us map out the future that delivers absolutely the best value to our Members.  We remain wholly optimistic about, and committed to:

  • the significant additional value delivered by independent financial advisers
  • the pivotal importance of the adviser within any investment-planning process
  • the fundamental benefit of rigorous financial planning - and the use of effective technologies to support that model
  • the ongoing development of client-management systems which serve the community of advisers, rather than shoe-horn us into someone else's processes
  • collaborating with carefully-selected third parties wherever necessary in order engineer improved benefits for our Members
  • the core ideas of collaboration and mutuality - and how we can work these out, practically, together
  • the launch of new services, tailored to answering our Members own needs
So, our conference is about all of the above - and more.  We are very excited to be able to formally launch our new support proposition, ValidPath Due Diligence.


We will shortly be putting up a separate webpage with copies of materials/presentations, as well as a thorough explanation of our thinking, planning issues and consultation process.
Kevin Moss, 05/09/2017