A day in Pictures 

I have two sets of contrasting pictures which sum up today...

Firstly, two shots from my walk into work:

IMG0474 IMG04692

Unlike most of the herons we come across, this chap was dapper, and elegant.  He did not look like he was sleeping rough, but then he did spend an awful lot of his time preening himself.  I arrived in the office grateful that we have this natural beauty on our doorstep, and in a frame of mind to deal with pretty much anything.

Next is a shot of my computer desktop in work:


This is a helpful reminder that there are some things that we have no control over, such as the rather dire internet infrastructure supplied by BT.  After hours of testing our own hardware and configuration to ensure that it is not at fault, we have been forced to leave matters in the hands of our telephony supplier, after receiving assurances that they Will Actually Do Something About It.  I have exited the office with my fingers crossed, hopeful that normal service will be restored by the time the weekend is over.  Our apologies to our Members, for any inconvenience arising.

Kevin Moss, 18/08/2017