A reason to celebrate 

Progress001This year, ValidPath is fifteen years old.  Fifteen!

Ok, compared with age of the mountains, or a redwood tree, we're still a mere infant - but if you think about the relentless change within the financial services marketplace, not to mention the alarming attrition rate amongst our competitors, this is no mean feat.

Over this period, we've grown to a more substantial entity, comprising 37 Member Firms, of which quite a few have been with us comfortably in excess of a decade.  We'd like to think that these kinds of relationships might last another decade, or two...or more.

Of course, a lot has changed for us, over these fifteen years:

  • Originally set up to cater for accountancy-based IFA practices, our membership now comprises around 50% free-standing, financial-planning firms
  • We were a step or two ahead of our competitors in 2009 when we introduced a network-wide practice-management system called 'Clarity'.  This remains one of the lowest-cost, fully-functional backoffice packages in the UK, coordinating commission-management, compliance, data-security and supervision via the miracle of the interweb
  • We changed our name to ValidPath Ltd in 2010 to reflect our sense of a trajectory which is quite distinct from our competitors
  • We launched perhaps the UK's most cost-effective Centralised Investment Proposition (CIP) in 2011, and every subsequent annual review has demonstrated its singular effectiveness
  • Our Members were operating RDR-friendly business models before 2013
  • Recognising that ValidPath were one the few firms to retain a fully independent status, in 2014 we introduced the industrial-strength DeFaqto research database for all our Members, in order to support the committed IFA practice
  • In 2015 we introduced what we think is the best-value lifetime cashflow modeling system available in the UK - for every Adviser
  • Between 2013 and 2016, we carefully adapted our charging model to reflect the FCA's new turnover-related business categories so that, in 99% of cases, we can deliver an authorised and supervised advisory solution for less cost than the equivalent DA firm
  • We've been steadily building a collegiate, collaborative network model with 'silos of excellence' covering DB Pension Transfers, Complex Investments, Equity Release, Mentoring, and - now - a renewed emphasis on our own CIP
In short, over the last fifteen years, our focus has been on delivering better value solutions to our Advisers and therefore to their clients.  And we have plans to do even more - so as we enter our sixteenth year, there's plenty of exciting stuff in the pipeline!
Kevin Moss, 14/03/2017