A man who made his mark 

82ce1676b3801af67fce44d4ad7d35Richard Mein, founder of Parmenion, and driver behind this eminently successful and principled business model, died last weekend, after a relatively short battle with cancer.  At ValidPath, our dealings with Richard were infrequent, but he was always a delight to speak to - quiet, thoughtful and always quite clear in his own mind when it came to vision.  On our regular visits to Parmenion's offices, one would invariably see him working with his staff in a supportive way, listening carefully to everyone's contributions.  He was a good speaker too, but always listened well, first.

Of course, even if one had zero contact with the man himself, one could draw one's own conclusions from the quality of the team he recruited.  Ethics were clearly important to him, as were qualities such as interpersonal skills, technical expertise, and an unswerving commitment to excellence.  Within any organisation, these characteristics invariably flow down from the top, they do not merely bloom unencouraged.

In a world saturated by pragmatism, people like Richard are a rare and refreshing find, and we are impoverished by his loss.  We extend our sincere sympathy to his family and close working colleagues.

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Kevin Moss, 18/01/2016