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This weekend many hundreds and thousands of people will be gathering around war memorials and many thousands of serving members of the armed forces and veterans will be parading in Remembrance Day events, commemorations, services and wreath-laying ceremonies.

This year in particular brings together several anniversaries of note : 100 years since the start of The Great War, 70 years since the D-Day landings, 350 years since the foundation of the Royal Marines.  Not forgetting that this year sees troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. 

Wednesday 12 November sees the world premiere of a new film, Kajaki : The Movie which tells the true story of a group of paras caught in a 30-year-old Russian minefield in September 2006. 

Seven men were seriously wounded at Kajaki. Three of them lost legs, while Corporal Mark Wright, of 3Para, aged 27 and two months before his wedding, died after displaying bravery so ferocious that he would be posthumously awarded the highest of honours, the George Cross. Three of his comrades were also decorated for gallantry.

Filmed on location in Jordan, with the same Executive Producer who worked on The Kings Speech, the film will be screened nationally in Vue cinemas from 25 November.  

I helped in a tiny way to bring this story to life, by contributing £100 to their crowd-funding appeal.  I now know that I could have contributed to bringing this gripping story to life by making an EIS contribution.
But it has made me think.  In return for my crowd-funding contribution I will receive a Limited Edition Blu-Ray DVD.  Different contribution levels benefitted from perks from a poster to a private screening with up to 25 guests and conversations with the directors and actors.
Had I taken advantage of the EIS scheme I would have received a lot of tax relief on the contribution and profited from the potential (but not guaranteed) success of the film. 
The relative size of the contributions is also worth considering.  It’s easy (relatively speaking) to contribute £100, but more challenging to make a risky investment of £5,000 or £10,000 (although it was also possible to crowd-fund this considerably bigger sum too, in return for more significant perks).  But maybe it’s not about the money. 

When we come to think about these issues at our next event, maybe just wanting to “make it happen” or to benefit from the perks are just as good reasons for contributing to such opportunities as the tax reliefs. 

I will soon have a very tax-inefficient and very expensive DVD on my shelf.  But I have helped bring this episode to life, and to the attention of the nation.  And this week, more than any other, that’s much more important than money. 

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Gill Cardy, 06/11/2014